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  • The Catholic Guide Through Anxiety

The Catholic Guide Through Anxiety


This is the resource that I am most excited to offer you.


God has put this book on my heart because I know how many people suffer from anxiety and there are a few main concepts and tools I wish every person understood to empower themselves to take charge of their anxiety. To stop being a victim to all the things anxiety keeps us from, and instead of having the knowledge, skills, and tools to overcome it. 


I never thought that writing a book was something I would ever be able to do, but with the help of my co-writer, we present to you the guide for Catholics when it comes to anxiety!


I've gathered all of my years of counseling experience, as well as my own struggles, and assembled them into this guide to help empower you through anxiety. There truly is no other resource like this book anywhere on the market! 


There are many books out there that offer tools to deal with anxiety but none break down what anxiety is, and the most important part...the "why" behind anxiety. No tools work well without understanding why you need them and why they work. Empowering yourself with this will be different from all the things you have tried or heard before. And, although the information is true for everyone, this is Catholic information, faithful to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. 


This guide is the guide to help you understand what's happening biologically, physically, AND spiritually. It's short and digestible, unlike many of the anxiety books I've tackled that are hundreds and hundreds of pages. I believe that although this guide is relatively short, it is packed with life-changing information for you. 




The foreword was written by Fr. John Paul Mary Zeller, MFVA, Franciscan Missionary of the Eternal Word and Employee Chaplain of the EWTN Global Catholic Network. He closes his forward by saying,


"Be assured of my prayers for you. You are not alone. When you bring your anxiety out into the Light, it has less power over you."

  • Readers can expect to get an up close and personal look at my life and counseling style where I help you realize that just because you're anxious does not mean that you are weird, or what I see most of my clients think- but are too afraid to say out loud- is that you are weak or crazy because you cannot stop your anxiety on our own. 

    Read this book and see how beautifully made you are and use that knowledge to overcome your feelings of anxiety! You're simply human! Even the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph experienced anxiety! (Luke 2:48.)

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