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Anxiety is a natural response of the human body, yet it is often misunderstood. Many who struggle with anxiety feel hopeless, helpless, and ashamed. The feelings of helplessness stem from a lack of knowledge of what is happening to them and a void of possible strategies to assist them as they work through the struggle. Catherine presents the "biology of anxiety" FROM THE CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVE, giving a clear and tangible explanation with clear and tangible solutions. God made everyone good, and everyone needs to see that and know that.

Perfect for individuals experiencing anxiety, as well as anyone who knows or cares for someone who struggles with anxiety, especially parents. Meant to be inspirational and informative.

This talk is also great for those on the frontlines - priests, teachers, coaches, and medical professionals. The talk can be implemented for a diocesan/parish/campus event, or used in a workshop scenario, as well as on retreats.

Many talk about but few know how to make boundaries that work, and even fewer believe that boundaries are possible to keep. Catherine will unpack not only the Biblical context for boundaries but also understanding boundaries in a positive and encouraging way. She will highlight common pitfalls and ways to adjust boundaries so that they work.

Perfect for anyone and everyone who has family, work, and extended relationships, especially anyone looking for healthy relationships.

This talk is best to be implemented for small groups, large groups, conference keynotes, and more. 

Shame can be a debilitating emotion. Often, we hold on to things from our past and we allow them to define us.  We allow shame to hold us down from being who God is calling us to be because we don't feel worthy of it. Letting go of the shame allows the Holy Spirit the space to enter in to give peace and healing. St. Mary Magdalene could have fallen into shame, yet at the Crucifixion, she was there as a sign to all of us that He doesn't see shame - His forgiveness is real and complete.

Perfect to help individuals who struggle to move past the feelings of shame and who need healing in varying ways in their life.

This talk is best to be implemented for small groups, large groups, conference keynotes, and more. 

The world, the flesh, and the devil tell us lies every day, banking on our human frailty caving in and giving up. These lies go directly against the truth of God's love and we must decide which side we're going to be on. Catherine unpacks the truth in a way that people can see and believe the goodness that they were created for. Seeing ourselves how God sees us is difficult but possible.

Perfect for everyone, whether they be young or old, well-catechized or not. This talk can inspire and encourage students, young adults, married couples, families, and others.

This talk can be given as a stand-alone talk, or included alongside other talks. Catherine has given this talk all around the world and it is always well received. Bring her for your diocesan/parish event, college campus ministry, as a keynote speaker at your conference or for a tailormade retreat just for your group.


Hosting a day-long Women's Day (or Catholic Women's Retreat) is a great way to support and uplift the women in your diocese/parish. Catherine can craft a positive and inspiring day of talks, prayer, Sacrament (assuming a priest is available, of course), reflection, sisterhood, and fun. 

Catherine has hosted these types of events across 3 continents and in numerous states and international countries, and the response is always the same - women love this experience!

The structure of a Women's Day or Retreat can vary depending on your needs and demographics. Typically, this event would be structured over anywhere from 4-10 hours, include 1-2 meals, coffee/tea breaks, time for reflection and small group breakouts, as well as opportunities for retreatants to spend time with Catherine for their questions and needs.


"Catherine DiNuzzo is a dynamic speaker who keeps her audience, whether they be teenagers or adults, engaged with responses of both tears and laughter. She leaves her audience feeling loved and seen, and also with hope that our mental health does not have to control us." - Shelly (has attended numerous talks of Catherine's)

"Catherine's talk was real and honest, I felt like she was speaking directly to me and helping with topics close to my heart." - Irish Women's Day participant.

"The Church needs experienced and competent professionals addressing the issues that Catherine spoke about, bringing to light the realities of mental illness and struggles. These things have been kept in the dark for far too long. Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your gift with the world." - Fr. T.M. (Catholic priest)


To see or hear Catherine in various videos or podcasts, please check out her "PRESS" page by clicking HERE.

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