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  • Bundle of Book & Biology Video
  • Bundle of Book & Biology Video
  • Bundle of Book & Biology Video

Bundle of Book & Biology Video

$31.00 Regular Price
$25.99Sale Price

For a limited time bundle our Biology of Anxiety video with The Catholic Guide Through Anxiety book and save 20% 


These two resources go hand in hand and provide you with the understanding of what's happening biologically, physically, AND spiritually when you start feeling that anxious response. 


We'll start with The Biology of Anxiety from a Catholic Perspective video where we will focus on what is happening in your brain when you feel anxious. This 29-minute video will aid in a Catholic's pursuit of mental wellness, by providing you an overview of your brain along with God's beautiful plan for your life. 


Then, take it one step further with our Catholic Guide Through Anxiety Book. This guide is the guide to help you understand what's happening biologically, physically, and spiritually. It's short and digestible and is packed with life-changing information. This book will take what you learned in the previous video to the next level! As an added bonus we'll include the eBook version free of charge!

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