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HOLE | score of 0-7

You are at the beginning of your mental wellness construction, which is a really exciting place to be! You will soon have the tools to build your dream home, but the first step is recognizing your hole. The hole is a gap in your mind and heart that needs to be filled, often a negative past experience or negative self-perception creates this gap. This is.a hole that we want to go away and that is commonly filled with unhealthy coping strategies . These strategies fill the hole with sand. It creates a feeling that things are okay, but not a foundation that is strong enough to build a life. This is often a place where a person will feel helpless, confused, and frustrated that the strategies that are being used are not working. In the hole, God feels very far away, and there may be anger, confusion, or hopelessness. At Sacred Heart Mental Wellness, you will begin the journey to understanding the holes in your life and how to take that understanding to make clear and intentional coping strategies that work, in creating a foundation strong enough to support your house (life). 

BASEMENT | score 8-12

You have taken massive steps toward building your house! You've recognized how the past impact you but you're not sure how to overcome it. You've recognized your hole (i.e. a negative past experience or self-perception) and provided structure to it. This step is analogous to pouring the concrete foundation and framing out your basement. the more tools you have in your tool belt, the more your basement will be fortified. Sacred Heart Mental Wellness walks with you, equipping you with a complete set of tools so you can reinforce your basement. We get excited about building basements because it gives you a solid foundation on which you build your house. This is so important because cultivating mental wellness opens your mind and heart to God's love. His love for you and His dreams for you are greater than you could ever imagine. God wants to be your hands as you hammer the nails into the 2x4's, and give structure to the hole. He will strengthen you enough to face your hole, while at the same time freeing you of it. 

HOUSE | score 13-18

Congratulations! You have a very healthy mental wellness, therefore, a strong house built on a solid foundation. You have acknowledged your past, embraced your current struggles, and have the tools to overcome feelings of worry and anxiety. However, all homeowners know maintenance is a regular occurrence. Even in the most beautiful homes, the lawn needs to be mowed, bathrooms need to be cleaned, and the leaky roof needs to be patched. Sacred Heart Mental Wellness is the hub for your "mental maintenance." Recognizing the gift of your mental wellness, and with the tools offered by Sacred Heart Mental Wellness, you will be empowered to understand others in the building of their houses. How wonderful, the gift of mental wellness is to you and the people you love!

The Foundation to Your

 Mental Wellness 


Because I love analogies, I am going to paint a picture of mental wellness for you. You have a sturdy house built on a strong, cement foundation. Your basement is stable due to the solid framework. The house is peaceful, clutter-free, and smells like homemade bread. The roof effectively keeps you protected from the elements, and the windows allow sunshine to flood in. Your mental wellness goal is his robust home. 

Everyone desires a reliable home, a fortified domain where you can both take refuge and grow. We desire the same for our mental wellness, which is a good, natural desire. The problem is, we don't all have the perfect mental wellness. Why? No one has taught you and that's okay. But you deserve to know how to cultivate a spectacular, robust, mental wellness. 

Below you will see the scoring range for where you are currently in your mental wellness. Regardless of the results, I believe that there are resources on this site to help you get where you want to be. Take a look below to read through your scoring range. 

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