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  • The Biology of Anxiety from a Catholic Perspective - Video

The Biology of Anxiety from a Catholic Perspective - Video


Anxiety is one of the most common mental health words I hear in everyday life, but as a counselor, it is the one that I feel is the least understood. we know the feelings of anxiety, we know our friends who struggle with anxiety, but do we know what it actually is?


Are you tired of hearing all the ways to treat anxiety and none of them working?


Do you fight ideas like many of my clients that think, "if I was a better Catholic I wouldn't feel anxious" or do you ever wonder, "where is God and my Catholic faith in my struggle with anxiety?"


Do you desire to overcome your anxiety? Do you want to learn more about what anxiety is and how it affects your body? 


This 29 minute video will aid in a Catholic's pursuit of mental wellness, by providing you an overview of your brain and God's beautiful plan for you. You are special and deserve to live a life free from the paralyzing clutches of anxiety!


This video provides very concentrated content on the information I want ALL clients to know before starting counseling because it is a foundational piece to understanding and using the tools needed for mental wellness. As such, it is a required resource for all of my new clients, jam-packing into  what would normally take one entire session, but offered to you here at a fraction of the cost. 

  • This video gives the "why" you have been looking for. The "why" that makes all the tools you have learned better able to work. 

    The "why" that helps you walk on this journey of anxiety with God walking right next to you. 

    It even explains why I challenge all my clients to thank God for their anxiety. Yep, you read that correctly!

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